Safeguard Your Business Now.  Live A More Carefree Life.

Here’s What I Know About You…

(Seize The Day)

When it comes to your business, you are NOT messing around.

After all, you started this business to create a certain life for yourself & your family—which remains priority number one.

Right now, you might be…

Still in start-up mode but NOT looking to bootstrap.

You’re willing to invest in your future by doing things the right way from the start. Giving yourself a strong foundation to build on.
2. Established with a solid offer, legit revenue, a team, 
and lots to protect.

And after ALL the hard work it took to get you here, you refuse to let one legal slip-up take your business baby away from you.

Either Way, DIY Isn’t Going To Help You Sleep Better At Night

You worry about checking your mail one day and seeing a cease & desist letter from some lawyer who’s saying you have to shut down immediately until you prove your case in court.

Which would have your brain spinning with…



“Shut down?”

“How am I supposed to keep paying my bills if I’m not allowed to make money for months?”

“How am I supposed to pay my new LEGAL BILLS if I’m being forced to shut down—even temporarily?”

You’re worried that hiring a freelancer—or new employee—to help take some of the day-to-day off your plate & free up your time… 

… could turn into you unknowingly breaking employment laws.

And getting into hot water over it. 

Having a “ding” on your record for the life of your company that makes you sound like a completely different person than you actually are…

We don’t want that! 

So, let’s do some work now to make sure this never happens.

This isn’t the time for falling into the sinkhole of Google research or trying to bootstrap your way to legal protection held together by duct tape.
You want a real, human lawyer—who knows what they’re doing—building a rock-solid legal shield around your business.

Hands Down. I’m Your Girl.

Not only have I founded three businesses myself.

But I’ve also done it with three young kids on my hip. My first law firm was an honoree for “Fastest Growing Law Firms” for 4 years in a row. For 5 consecutive years, I was also voted a Rising Star by the Super Lawyers Publication.

I’ve even been admitted to practice in front of the U.S. Supreme Court.  Most importantly, I have decades of experience both practicing law AND running a business, which has taught me what you TRULY need to protect your brand.

(And what you can do without.)

I started this firm to help you protect what you’ve built. So you can spend your time seizing the day & enjoying your life. And it would be an honor to help you with that.

Have A Brand Name? You Need To Secure The Trademark For It.

Not only can going through the trademark process save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in the long run…

… you can also stop worrying about getting a cease & desist in the mail—shutting you down temporarily.

Or being forced to change names after you’ve already spent precious time building a business on the name you’ve got.

Protect yourself from scam artists, copycats, posers, or fellow entrepreneurs who are unknowingly confusing your customers & slashing your revenue.

Have One Or More Employees

(Even A Freelancer? You Need Employment Compliance.)

The truth is that hiring people can do WONDERFUL things for the growth of your company. 

It can also create a lot of potential land mines that you need to know about.

Land mines that could “blow up” your business if you’re not compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act.

(Whether you know it or not.)

This is why getting assistance with compliance from a lawyer who understands every requirement inside and out is essential.

Have A Different Legal Need? Get In Touch.

Brand Trademark & Employment Compliance (the two services listed above) are the most important and essential legal services for every business owner to get squared away. But I also understand you may have something else going on that needs legal attention.

In that case, click the link below to reach out to me directly. Either we’ll talk about how I can help you, or I’ll refer you to a STELLAR colleague of mine if what you need is their area of expertise.