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Neither does buying the domain name, having a social media presence, or spending thousands of dollars on branding materials.

Brand Trademark

Registering Your Business Name With The State Does NOT Legally Protect Your Brand
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Employment Compliance

As Soon As Your Business Employs A Single Person (Even A Freelancer), Employment Compliance Is Your Legal Responsibility

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Contract Templates For Every Need!

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Your Next Step Is…

Let’s get this process started by figuring out what YOUR business needs. (Since every trademark case is unique, we need to get on the phone to decide where we go from here.)

We can do that by booking a 30-Minute “Your Next Step” Consultation Call.

During this call, I will…

Ask you questions about the stage of business you’re in & what you’ve built so far with your brand

  • Custom-create a plan that starts where YOU’RE at and gets you where YOU want to go (with legal protection) based on your budget
    Lay out the different options of how the trademark process could go for you
  • Answer your questions & even give you legal advice
    when needed