Did You Know…?

Registering Your Business Name With The State Does NOT Legally Protect Your Brand

Neither does buying the domain name, having a social media presence, or spending thousands of dollars on branding materials.

Protect Your Brand

The ONLY Thing That Will Truly Protect Your Brand Is To Secure A Trademark!

When your brand name has a registered trademark, you can stop worrying about…

  • Getting a cease & desist in the mail—temporarily shutting down your revenue until you fight your case
  • Being forced to change brand names—because yours (unknowingly) infringes on another company’s legal intellectual property
  • Having to spend tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees & rebranding costs

After all, trademark infringement is on the rise! And three-quarters of trademark infringements lead to litigation.

With 40% of companies spending between $50,000 and $250,000 on legal proceedings (AND… Almost HALF of these businesses having to rebrand as a result—which can cost many, many thousands more!).

The Smartest Thing You Could Do For Your Brand Today

Whether your brand name is just an idea in your head and you want to make SURE you can legally build a business with it without any infringement concerns…

… or you’ve already spent years working hard to build up a reputation under your brand name and want to make sure it’s protected from scam artists, copycats, posers, or fellow entrepreneurs who could unknowingly confuse your customers & reduce your revenue…

NOW is always the best time to get your brand legally protected.

(Because spending a few thousands now can save you hundreds of thousands later!)

And when you register a trademark for your brand’s name, logo, and/or slogan… YOU OWN IT, BABY! It’s legally YOURS to use, and no one can take that away from you.

Make It Or Break It

The “Make It Or Break It” Trademark Law Secret You Need To Win

Bottom Line: You need a Type A Attorney to get the results you want with your brand’s trademark. (That’s me! 🙋‍♀️)

I’ve been practicing law for decades, and have been successful with innumerable complex litigation cases in state and federal court.Which requires excellent legal writing skills, research skills, and extremely thorough care.Securing a trademark for your brand and winning cases often comes down to the tiniest detail.

And if your application—or your responses to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office—are in any way sloppy or missing fine-tooth-comb scrutiny…… you just might be out of luck. Luckily, you’ve got me on your side. The detail-loving, hyper-organized paperwork powerhouse that you want in your corner.

Made-For-You Brand Trademark Services

There is a step-by-step process to go through in order to register a trademark for your brand. 

However, I know that each business owner has unique needs for their specific situation. Which is why I’m happy to custom-create a package of services where you only pay for what YOU want & need. 

(Whether that’s JUST to search for existing trademarks similar to your name idea —or to be in the trenches with you for every step of the way.) 

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the Trademark Services I can complete for you:

Trademark Search and Analysis

This is NOT simply going to the USPTO website and typing in your idea name to see if anything pops up. For a proper search, you need a legal understanding of what constitutes a “likelihood of confusion.”

Trademark Registration Application

This includes filling out the complete application for the USPTO: gathering the necessary info, preparing your case, scrutinizing every detail, and submitting your application.

Office Action Support

The USPTO will review your application after approximately 8 months. At which point, they may have “office actions” that you need to respond to (issues, questions, additional requirements, etc.). I can help build your case & respond on your behalf for your best chance of success.

Addressing Objections

When we succeed, you’ll receive 30 days of Tentative Approval on your trademark registration. At which point, the USPTO office will post your approval and the public will have that time to object. IF any objections arise during that time, I can assist you in responding to each one.

Trademark Monitoring

The USPTO is not an enforcement agency. Which means that just because they approved your trademark, that does NOT mean they’ll watch out for companies who are infringing on your intellectual property. That is your responsibility. And if you like, my team and I can take care of it for you with a regular cadence of searches.

Trademark Renewals

Life gets busy, and we ALL forget to keep up with those little tasks that don’t happen that often. (Like renewing your trademark registration so you don’t lose it.) My team and I can put you into our calendar system and complete this step for a nominal fee so you never miss a deadline.

Your Next Step Is…

Let’s get this process started by figuring out what YOUR business needs. (Since every trademark case is unique, we need to get on the phone to decide where we go from here.)

We can do that by booking a 30-Minute “Your Next Step” Consultation Call.

During this call, I will…

Ask you questions about the stage of business you’re in & what you’ve built so far with your brand

  • Custom-create a plan that starts where YOU’RE at and gets you where YOU want to go (with legal protection) based on your budget
    Lay out the different options of how the trademark process could go for you
  • Answer your questions & even give you legal advice
    when needed