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Hi! I’m Ilona.

(pronounced ee-low-nah)

I’m an award-winning attorney who’s been practicing for nearly 2 decades.

I’ve also started & grown 3 separate businesses – 2 of them (so far) to the 7-figure level…

So I know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

As a mom of 3, I started Carpe Diem Law Firm to help you spend less time worrying about getting in trouble with the law…

(By securing a trademark for your brand & getting compliant with your team.)

… so you can spend MORE time enjoying your amazing life with the people you love!

Ready for 1:1 Legal Support?

Typically, business owners that hire me are either…

Established business owners (with a solid offer, legit revenue, a team they care about, and lots to protect)…

Or, they’re ambitiously making moves in start-up mode with NO desire to bootstrap. (AKA — they want to create a legal foundation under their business from the start.)

Either way, I can help you with:
Securing a Federal Trademark for Your Brand
Compliance with Federal & Florida Employment Laws
Growing Your Team
Referrals For Litigation & Other Practice Areas
So that you can protect what you’ve built/are building to free up your time, energy, & brain space for the creative, visionary work you love to do!

Let's work together

It's time to seize the day

Want Instantly Downloadable Protection?

It sounds like my collection of Contract Templates are right up your alley!

Each can be customized in minutes.

And will save you thousands of dollars over working with any lawyer one-on-one.

Check the collection for dozens of contracts to cover yourself in nearly ANY situation.